What People Say

"I must say that it has been a pleasure working with you on this migration. I think you have done an excellent job! I know it’s a really complex data migration to do! I tried some before we got in contact with you, and it almost made me insane!"

Hans Linder – Cinteros AB Sweden

"It’s a easy to use solution for the migration. The contact was very nice and fast. Altogether it’s a perfect customizable solution for migrating from on premise to online hosted CRM"

Benjamin Dodl - DM Dokumenten Management GmbH - Germany

Pricing & Licensing

We provide a unique managed offering for Synchronicity Echo, the terms, costs and options are outlined below.

Echo Managed Service

Using an FTP Download location (provisioned by Synchronicity Support at the time of ordering), you are able to simply backup your database and Synchronicity Support will execute your data migration into the CRM Online Instance. Synchronicity will manage the 'Delta Process', with you providing 2 database backups at agreed migration dates.

For larger databases (>100GB) we can arrange a courier to collect your databases at the agreed times, and provide a hard drive to copy these databases to. This service is available on request.

If neccessary we can arrange to visit you on-site to execute the managed service, or you can provide remote access for us to run Echo on your infrastructure.

If you are a Microsoft partner or reseller, please contact us to discuss our partner program.

£4600 per online organisation (this includes the first 5GB of data **)

** Additional charge of £1350 per 5GB above 5GB operational database size; capped at 80GB.

Click here for full details of the Echo Managed Service scope.

Technical Upgrade & Migration

For customers with a current CRM Version 3, 4, CRM 2011 or CRM 2013 implementation, who do not wish to manage the technical upgrade themselves, Synchronicity offer this upgrade service to:

  1. Perform the upgrade of your CRM Version 4 database.
  2. Export the Default Solution of the CRM 2011 database
  3. Import this solution into a CRM Online organisation
  4. Manage the initial data migration (Delta 1)
  5. Manage the secondary data migration (Delta 2)

Synchronicity can also offer professional services both directly and through our partner network, in order to provide support for the functional upgrade. Please see FAQ pages for more details on the difference between a Technical and a Functional Upgrade.

£7000 per online organisation, additional data charges can apply.

Addtional Service Options

Sharepoint Migration

As part of the managed service, you can optionally migrate your annotations or attachments to a Sharepoint Online environment, and associate those records with the appropriate records. The fixed price cost for this service is £2,000 for up to 5 entities and limited to 5GB of data. An additional charge of £1,050 applies for each 5GB or 5 Entities above this limit.

Migrated data will be available using the standard Dynamics CRM document management integration.

Audit Migration

Audit information from the source system can be migrated into CRM Online as annotations using this Managed Service Option from Synchronicity. The cost for this service is £1,000 for the first 5 GB (up to 5 entities), and an additional £500 for additional 5GB / 5 entities.

Request a Quote for Your Echo Managed Service

If you would like to dicuss your migration in detail please contact sales@synchronicity-systems.com.

By providing us the size (in GB) of your source CRM database and the version this will help us provide the most accurate quotation as quickly as possible.

For full pricing information please visit the Licensing & Pricing page.